What Makes Fibre Optic Technology Superior?

The development of fibre optics has undoubtedly transformed communication technology. Fibre optic is a medium for transmitting information in light pulses through insulated glass or fibre. This technology has improved the speed and efficiency at which people communicate. Here are the reasons why fibre optic is an excellent medium of communication.

It is Free from Electromagnetic Interference

Optic fibre signals are created so that they are immune to outside signals and are, therefore, the best means of transmitting confidential information. Fibre optic cannot be interfered with while communicating information. This means that a signal transmitted from one end is safely received at the other end as it is.

Cables are Made of Non-Conductive Materials

The optic cables are insulated by materials which do not conduct electricity, that is, plastic and glass. Should there be a lightning strike, the cables are safe, and communication will go on uninterrupted. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about handling the cables for fear of being electrocuted. For this reason, areas with frequent lightning strikes or flooding should embrace this technology.

Has a High Bandwidth

Compared to other communication technologies, fibre optic has a broader bandwidth. This is enabled by the fact that the cable transmits a signal by using light. This means that information can be sent and downloaded much faster and more efficiently. For fans of mma streaming, fibre optic makes it possible to enjoy uninterrupted coverage from all devices wherever the location.

It Covers Longer Distances

Copper transmission has a 328 ft (99.97 m) limit which always requires an extension of signals. A maximum extension of the copper cables affects transmission. The fibre optic cables, on the other hand, are well-equipped to cover long distances without compromising on speed. In communication, speed is everything, and you will get it with fibre optic.